A Letter from the Heart from Jeffrey ZlotnikIt has reached a point with where...

A Letter from the Heart from Jeffrey Zlotnik

It has reached a point with where I literally do not have the money for gas to get everywhere I need to go for The Meditation Initiative. What I do have is the opportunity to continue to serve thousands of people every year with the practice of meditation, but I need your help.

I have always said meditation is free and it costs nothing to practice and this is still the case. People often tell me to charge money for meditation and I will not do it. People tell me my time is worth money and I simply do not see it that way. I see my time as something I value and I choose to spend a majority of it helping people. So without getting into a long fundraising appeal with all the bells and whistles - I am simply asking you to make a donation to The Meditation Initiative so I can get where I need to go to serve the people who need it.

I always said leading meditation costs nothing other than the gas you use to go from one place to another. Well, now I need the gas so I hope you will help me. You can make a one-time donation and/or a recurring monthly donation. Even just $10 a month is very helpful. I am grateful for your time, attention and support.

Click the following link to make a donation now - http://www.meditationinitiative.org/donate

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